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ron (STEAM_1:1:753627045) | Unban Request - Taylor Swift - 25-09-2023

Name: ron

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:753627045

Discord ID: tightbumhole

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: doxxing

Why should you be unbanned?: Hi,

I tried sorting this out months ago on discord as I thought it would be more beneficial to talk to the staff team directly and be able to clearly outline the situation rather than censor a bunch of shit on here, considering the nature of the ban. However, I was ghosted by Goose and he never accepted my friend request and after discussion with Badank, he didn't respond for months then responded with "I ain't the forums" when I asked several months later.

I was banned a couple months ago for "doxxing" a friend. As some would know, I change my name quite a lot on the server and they can be extremely random. During a period of time I was on the server, I used certain parts of my friend's name combined with other random words or names. I would like to mention that I never explicitly put his name as my name on the server. I also did not make reference to whos name it actually was. For the names I used to even be considered as a dox, one would have to know a significant amount of information about the player I 'doxxed', including their username and full irl name. Keep in mind, this player has not touched jailbreak in a long time and had no clue about the incident. After I got banned, I reached out to the person I 'doxxed' and explained the situation. They said they do not care and didn't even understand how I managed to get banned in the first place. I kind of forgot this shit even happened but I am able to contact the person I doxxed and they have said previously they are willing to clear up the situation if needed.

Please unban thanks

RE: ron (STEAM_1:1:753627045) | Unban Request - choo choo - 13-10-2023

respond to him admins, my guys been waiting for ages.

Extremely disappointed by this delay in response time, i hope disciplinary action is taken for this failure in action.

Kind regards,


RE: ron (STEAM_1:1:753627045) | Unban Request - simon - 13-10-2023

Closed, Awaiting response.

RE: ron (STEAM_1:1:753627045) | Unban Request - Moose. - 18-10-2023

Hello mate,

After discussing the ban internally with the team, we've decided to deny the unban request.

We've done so for the following reasons:

1. That name is quite specific, and the chance of you just coincidentally pairing the names together back to back is 1/1858532174. It's crazy you think this happened by chance. You also seem to have a relationship with the player and know their first and last name.

2. You have been banned for doxing previously. People who dox shouldn't deserve a second chance. It's a disgusting practice that can really ruin the life of someone if some random on the internet is determined enough to do so. The fact you got the chance, and blew it, speaks volumes to how much you would actually care. Dox once, shame on you Dox twice, shame on me. A third time isn't going to happen.

3. You seem to have no remorse for actually doxxing. You question it even in your post instead of just coming forward and admitting fault. Sure, it may have been an obscure way of doing it, barely noticeable, but someone DID notice. Someone DID care. I don't give a shit on the severity or extent of the dox, a dox is a dox.

Re-apply in 6 months.

Love, Moose.