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Staff Complaint - Walaxy Wolf - 22-05-2023

To Managers

I have made a thread to unban me, both Goose & Moose have failed to unban me... Why is it wrong to report these people, when I have showed u its serious???

Read your staff threads, shoutbox, bans & blocks... Magics & Boink just letting u know, everything your staff/players are doing I have documented & sent to CST!!!

Staff dont have rights to close my threads, maybe somebody wants to make a thread on there!!! All players shouldnt be talked to in that manner by staff/players...

unban me... When u do give back Jailbreak 2, so I dont have to be stuck playing with staff that a supporting bad player/staff

There is 1 video u should watch & that is what a server should be like Managers!!! Having a good game...


Walaxy Wolf

RE: Staff Complaint - Badank Badang - 22-05-2023

Oh shit he spittin

RE: Staff Complaint - Unicorn - 22-05-2023

Oh shit he spittin

RE: Staff Complaint - angelo - 22-05-2023

oh shit he spittin

RE: Staff Complaint - Goose - 23-05-2023