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zilla (STEAM_1:1:714008415) | Unban Request - nae nae swag - 22-01-2023

Name: zilla

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:1:714008415

Type of Ban: Server

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: Honestly forgot why im banned was a very long time ago.

Why should you be unbanned?: I really do hope you guys are understanding, ive been banned for over a year now, I promise I have changed and wont do anything to break the sever rules again I really just want to start playing jailbreak again. I truly am sorry for breaking the sever rules, just give me another chance to prove that, new year new me cmon now Smile.
Thank you,
Kind regards, Zilla

RE: zilla (STEAM_1:1:714008415) | Unban Request - Goose - 22-01-2023

Hey zilla

I will be unbanning this account (zilla) due to time served. However, I will not be unbanning any other accounts that have been linked to it. Do not ban evade any further bans.

Accepted. Closed