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Anish Ghiri (STEAM_1:0:511618426) | Unban Request - sinth - 22-01-2023

Name: Anish Ghiri

SteamID or Discord ID: STEAM_1:0:511618426

Type of Ban: CTBan

Which Server?: Jailbreak #1

Why were you banned?: Vent camping, gunroom camping.

Why should you be unbanned?: I am deeply annoyed at myself and embarrassed that I vent and gunroom camped today.
In regards to the clip attached, I was about to clear the vent, but then stopped, and when the cells opened I was trapped but didn't want to fire at the Ts, so I just pointed my gun at them. I am aware that this is a vent camp even if I didn't shoot them. As for the rest of the camps, they were due to me having zoned out and playing like a robot, shooting Ts if they rushed me. I know that OS doesn't work like this and that I have to face consequences for my actions. I am very sorry for my actions and I am not giving any excuses, I was stupid and zoned out and played an entire map robotically and automatically killing any Ts without thinking twice. I am aware that this unban request will be denied, I am very sorry for my actions, and I would be looking forward to playing CT in the future, so please leave a reappeal time.

RE: Anish Ghiri (STEAM_1:0:511618426) | Unban Request - Goose - 22-01-2023

Hey Sinth

I am glad to see that you are apolgetic for your actions. However, the severity and consistency of your vent and gunroom camps, in addition to the amount of times that you were warned for it, leads us to believe that you do not have the level of respect for the rules that we expect our players to have. I will be denying this appeal. Feel free to reapply in 2 months time.

Denied. Closed