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ban evade - zacc 2.0 - 03-08-2022

i kinda ban evaded 

i didnt mean to i just wanted to ban evade futureGN but after getting banned twice for massying i went on os without swapping accounts then made a new account ban evaded but played proplry then did same thing i didnt wanna ban evade as i dont wanna wait 2 months for ct ban 

i just wanna know if i gotta make a unban req or im not aloud ct no more 

or will i still be unbanned on friday

RE: ban evade - kizzle - 03-08-2022

I believe him

RE: ban evade - zacc 2.0 - 03-08-2022

Thanks man ohhhh I know I’ll get CHISWELL to talk to b3nny so then I is proof

Smart me yeh KIZZLE right

Then I’ll be unbanned on Friday

Cause I have proof

RE: ban evade - Moose. - 04-08-2022

What is even being said here?

RE: ban evade - kizzle - 04-08-2022

I think its some hori unban request

RE: ban evade - chiswell - 04-08-2022

zac is trying to say that he accidentally evaded his CT ban that expires friday, by evading bans on another server...

Honestly suspect and inclined to make you wait an extra month.

Stop flooding shoutbox as well or you will be banned for 2 weeks from forums