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Favouritism, Dud behaviour and general staff team complaint - gada - 21-07-2022

Context: This will now be my third valid staff complaint within 3 days, totalling 6 staff members. On the 19th I spoke to Tobiia privately about some issues with admins blatantly breaking rules and giving themselves leniency when they should be obviously following the rules strictly on LA. Tobiia was very helpful and understanding with my issues, and I assumed there would be some discussion within the staff team to address these blatant problems... however... There is clearly a big gap in the understanding of the rules with staff members considering the amount of complaints I have manged to file within such a short period of time, and I do not believe that I am being unreasonable with these issues considering some of these rules that are being broken could justify a ct-ban. The guidelines for staff are to lead by example in all regards, so providing yourself with lenicency, favouritism and more is just pathetic. 

Initially after this incident I was making the ban request video without realising that Spodey was a staff member. Now that I understand this I am incredibly frustrated especially considering I clearly voiced my concerns for the staff rule breaking on LA just two days ago. Additionally, it has removed all doubt in my mind that this was simply a mistake and not intentional favouritism to a fellow admin. 

Staff Name: Spodey

(sorry about the watermark I lost my pirated editor so i needed to use some shitty free one)

If you have the question as to why I did not raise the issue in Admin chat after my death, as said before I did not realise that Spodey was a staff member and favouritism is incredibly difficult if not impossible to prove from Death/killcams.

I will continue to publish my previous private evidence of staff rule-breaking if there is not a clear response to this behaviour. This is not just an issue with only moderators / admins as I have seen it (although slightly less obvious) with Head admins additionally. I have attempted to resolve these problems privately however it is clearly not working so I will give this a shot.

RE: Favouritism, Dud behaviour and general staff team complaint - IVORK - 21-07-2022

Hi there,

This is the first myself and seemingly all of the active banflag+'s have become aware of the string of complaints. Feel free to post here or DM me as you see fit. A response will happen later.

Thanks for submitting.

EDIT: Closed per convo, will respond tomorrow.

RE: Favouritism, Dud behaviour and general staff team complaint - IVORK - 22-07-2022

Hi there, 

During the start of this round, orders towards pool are made, & Spodey says he had gone to spa to get medic early & wait for their arrival. Spodey claims he was in a vc at the time so admits his focus was split away from just CTing. Being in pool while expecting Ts to be sent to pool is fine, it's not reasonable to expect CTs to maintain Line of Sight (LOS) through the hallways around showers. 
For the spa, however, Spodey should be at least visible to some Ts, not camped out entirely hidden, which both baits Ts and does breach the LOS ruling as he can both be in a visible position and not imminently at risk.

As for the perceived favoritism, Spodey states that after killing you first, he was confused as music appeared to enter hugging the wall, and wanted to ensure Ts weren't ordered there. Once he confirmed that, he ordered music KOS in CT team chat. The logs confirm he did so ~26 seconds after killing you.

As a moderator we do hold a high standard however don't expect them to be 100% over all ruling and judgments, Spodey has been spoken to about what being in LOS of Ts applies to and is aware that favoritism if it had of been as blatant as it might have appeared to you, can lead to demotion.

As for the previous two admin complaints, more-so purely for the rest of the communities' interest, as well as for transpeancy, I will re-iterate what has been said/decided publically.

For the first, as discussed, when CTs have lost 20 rounds in a row, I personally, and other staff have followed suit in giving them some advantage in order to add variety/fun to the round. The staff in question did an admin game with no rounds won, which is generally an unwritten guideline, but they applied their discretion to give CTs some form of a chance when down that badly.

Quote:gean round 1/12
start of round - 8:10 all good
8:08 clears vents - no issues
7:52 exits vents, wanders around random areas hunting non specific Ts such as lava obby and jeopardy
7:21 Music gives last alive CT Order, "be on diving board" - Still nothing played entire round
7:15 gean continues to walk up and down vent stairs to gunroom, shift walking in front of vents and through gunroom. Although this is just a general guideline
iirc it's recommended not to be slow when clearing gunroom but rather to get it done hastily to prevent camping.
7:08 Gean grabs awp and shoots at rebelling ts from gunroom
7:01 Gean runs onto LA roof with AWP (not chasing T, no T on roof)
6:56 Gean gives orders whilst on roof - same orders from 30~ seconds ago.
6:53 gean jumps into window from roof and kills T
6:40 gean re-enters indoors and heads towards pool
6:37 gean kills T leaving pool. (Note, no game or jump has been played yet, round is currently 2:30min in and there has been no CT visible to Ts or new orders for nearly a minute now.
6:34 gean kills non moving T sitting in Spa - All Ts that could be considered non rebelling are now dead
6:30-6:17 as round is effectively a war-day following the pool killings gean kills further rebellers
5:59 gean re-enters vents as a method to flank T in medic
5:44 round ends

gean round 1-15
gean spends round using admin grab tool to throw soccerball at badank in pool out of sight of non-rebelling AND rebelling Ts
all other Cts die, gean runs further into pool after killing some rebellers at control tower and continues to war-day until round concludes

gean round 1-22
8:10 gean intentionally baits cell, gets tasered and naded leading to Ts getting AK and rebelling+

For the second per above, upon exiting vent while hunting the Ts, the LA lava/stairs door was opened into the hallway, which only happens if Ts exit that way, on return you can audibly hear a T's weapon, which could be gunroom, even though it was from the roof above so is fine to shift walk. Sure, he gives the same orders at ~6:57 as had been given from cells, but as the last remaining CT, this is fine, he sees ~20 seconds later that there are no non-rebelling Ts, so his requirement to give orders from this point ends here.
The rest of the stuff mentioned, sure he does 'flank' by going odd ways, but he was one off of clutching a 1v7, and importantly all before 5:44 so without delaying the round any longer than rounds typically take.

As for round 1-22, he was talking shit to the Ts in that cell via discord when you spawned a VIP taser, not something usually to be expected. Nor the nade to finish, was funny to watch, but not worthy of a complaint because he got caught out in a usually safe scenario.

Gean had gotten Head Admin the day before so was fucking around with other staff with his new grab perms. While it is fair the round might have been better served with his unbroken attention, there is no abuse in his actions. He understands that he shouldn't be using commands in a way that has negative impact on gameplay/disadvantages one team or the other.

But thanks for submitting.