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Staff Complaint, 30-5-2022. - h0wLze. - 30-05-2022


G'day everybody, it's h0wLze here for his bimonthly crybaby post.

I just wanted to make a post in order to present quite a large fuck up from our friend Zithic on L.A tonight.

So a little bit of context, we were sent to the start of lava obby from medic which is a pretty standard order, but elite for snagging some precious guns early on in the round. As expected several of us rush the stairway door because traditionally past that point there's not a huge amount guards can do to prevent a gunroom tour. If you're sent to lava obby without being made to pass through Jeopardy or the back end, securing weapons is a sure thing 9 times out of ten. We all know this, I don't need to delve into intricacies of it, L.A. is designed to be hard as fuck for players daring enough to play CT and that's just how it is. Now, I'm only rambling on about L.A. right now just in case you admins have decided that Zithic's position is suddenly not gun room camping. As far as I can recall it's been like this. Yes the door was open, but this is STILL considered camping gunroom, and on top of that camping vent as well. I'm aware that in the past it has been tested that leaving the staircase door open on L.A. entitles a guard to camp there, but this likely failed because it's flawed. There's literally a vent right there. Even being perched in the lightning game controls room whilst staring at the gunroom is indirectly gunroom camping.

Yes, maybe if you're a fairly new player this spot isn't immediately obvious as gunroom camping... but Zithic is not a new player, he is a Senior Admin and maintains a position higher than the majority of the team. What I'm saying is, he SHOULD have known better.

Look, honestly as a person Zithic is great. But as an admin, as someone who holds power and should be surveyed as a role model for the average player, camping gunroom is just unacceptable and his understanding of the server rules may need to be evaluated. It's not just him though, and my main motivation for creating this post in the first place is that I'm worried what someone like Zithic is teaching to fresh moderators if he made a severe misjudgement like this and didn't consider that it would be a gunroom camp when pretty early on most players learn the hard way, even I did. I mean people get CT banned regularly for actions similar and even identical to this. Goose who is only a moderator and is actually expected to be in Zithic's situation knew that he was out of line under the circumstances.

Now, this is not admin abuse. This is simply a mistake that one of your higher up staff members made. I don't intend for Zithic to be punished through this video and I have no malice against him or anyone within the staff team, even though yes he is in my crosshair. I simply intend to bring light to the fact that there are apparent issues in communication within staff, from the perspective a normal player who has to cop the consequences, i.e. being mowed down by an senior admin in a gunroom camp. From Zithic's reasoning, he was under the impression that his actions did not qualify as gunroom camping as told by other admins. It's not fair on members of staff for them to be taught contradictory bits of knowledge because it's just going to lead to confusion, which in turn is unfair on players. People see an admin do something that weeks later or earlier someone will cop a slay or even a ban for. That's just no fun for anyone, I think we can all agree on that. 

Writing this up and clipping this instance isn't fun either, but I really do believe that Zithic's actions point to a larger issue with staff that can be worked on through better communication both internally and externally, which will be for the betterment of everyone.


RE: Staff Complaint, 30-5-2022. - chiswell - 31-05-2022

closed pending reply from tomorrow.

RE: Staff Complaint, 30-5-2022. - chiswell - 02-06-2022

So in response to this complaint,

Zithic got confused as we were under discussion about allowing CTs to sit there again - we decided its not a gunroom camp but more so a vent camp so we overruled any changes to be made but I spoke to Zithic and realised where he got the confusion. How he conducted the situation straight after - slaying himself for two rounds once he realised his mistake is 100% how we want our staff to handle it - he could of GAC'd a message to reclarify he fucked up and you arent allowed to sit there. Also we have instructed to staff to not be so ban heavy on people sitting there as it DID used to be a thing.

However your complaint does bring an overarching issue - because there is so many specific situations in JB it can be hard to keep a track of the ruling over every single scenario. Also sometimes the top down decisions do have a hard time getting down the chain to all staff or gets lots in the multitude of messages/announcements that are made. As such I'll personally say that we will be doing better in regards to the pass down of information.